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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

5 recorded and 5 found sounds

Artist statement: Race Cars

For this project I didn't start off having a very clear vision of what I wanted to make, I just wanted to mess around a little and learn the audition software. My idea came to me when I was sitting at my desk and I decided to record a coin spinning. I then had the idea to mix it with some found footage of race cars and the idea kind-of just evolved from there. I wanted there to be an underlying story that made the listener wonder what could be going on in a video if this was the score to like a movie or something. I tried to give this mp3 some sort of audio plot line. Starting out I knew that I wanted there to be a very clear transition from the race cars into the spinning coin, which I then had repeating throughout the track. I enjoyed the repetition of the coin because it made the whole piece sort-of mesh together better, and it seemed more cohesive that way as well. I recorded a bunch of different found sounds and self recorded a bunch too. I had the idea to try and make a typewriter sound, but with out a typewriter that was hard, so I ended up recording myself flipping through a book and then I messed around with some effects to get to the typing sound at the ending of the track. I also recorded the crash which ended up really making my plot line stand out. I'm obsessed with deep bass and reverb sounds which I tried to add in throughout the track as well. Now that I know how to use Adobe Audition I've started remixing a bunch of songs that I like, and I make slight changes to them to make them more low and bass-like which is fun to apply what we learned into songs that I can share with my friends and the music community.

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