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Mythical Creature


For this project I had to combine a Koala, Buffalo, and a Chameleon. I used various techniques in photoshop to create my new creature. The animals were all thought up and thrown in a hat at random. I chose my words and thought that the Koala would look the most realistic if used as the head and arms. I then decided to take the buffalo horns, copy and paste that, and then blend them with the Koala’s ear.

After that, I feathered it a bit and then moved on to adding some elements from the chameleon. I decided a chameleon tail on a koala would probably look intriguing. I ran into some issues cropping/warping the chameleon tail to the koala because of the odd angles both photos were taken at. I realized halfway through that I should have chosen better images that had the same angles and depth of field type of things as each other. I didn’t change images however because I really liked the way the chameleon’s tail was curved and places, as well as the texture, so I just watched some youtube videos and figured out how to warp and color correct everything so that it all looks cohesive. In the end I managed, and I like the result. I am used to working with photoshop on the Ipad, so it took me a little bit to do color correction and some basic photo editing with the saturation and curves.

Overall creating this mythical creature was fun. It took me a little while to figure out how to compose all the different elements of an animal together, but using basic body composition doesn't make it too hard.

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